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Questions from LinkedIn


Here are a few questions from LinkedIn posted during the session on COVID-19. Feel free to use this topic thread for further discussions.

  1. The media has been reporting that some malarial, HIV drugs and a combination of 2 or more drugs have been used to successfully treat COVID -19. Is there any truth to this?
  2. What is the active life of the virus? We get varying answers from a few hours to few weeks? Also, do we really have to wash our shoes (or wipe down the mail and food packages when we return from the mailbox or grocery store?
  3. Our healthcare system seems to lack surge capacity despite warnings we could face a pandemic of unprecedented proportions like we are facing today. Why is this and what can we do to better prepare in the future?
  4. Some studies suggest high temperature and humidity significantly reduce transmission of Covid-19. Are these findings credible? And if so, can we expect some cities in the US and India to see a reduced rate of transmission in the coming months?
  5. Does COVID-19 cause shortness of breath and respiratory failure due to lower immunity levels OR due to immune system over-reaction to the virus? Assuming most of us have been exposed to the virus, although we may be asymptomatic, what proactive steps can we take in our daily lives to mitigate the risks of serious illness?
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