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Questions from LinkedIn


Here we present a selection of questions asked during the 'Transformation of Cities through Active Leadership' session hosted by representatives from Janaagraha.

  1. How responsive is local administration in India to civic concerns of infrastructure, public health, civic amenities etc? It's common practice to show govts. in poor light. Is it lack of resources or the lack of will the biggest hurdle to bring about change in quality of life in Urban India?
  2. How can citizens become more involved in advocacy initiatives around civic change? Oftentimes, there is a drive to be part of the change but people are unsure where to start or whether they can make a difference.
  3. Living outside India, what kind of impact can be made for such social causes?
  4. With the notorious level of corruption in India, how can the youth see hope in making a change that affects their future?
  5. What is the need of the hour in India to effect social change or economic change?
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