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Questions from LinkedIn


These questions were asked during the Financial Planning session hosted by Ash Rajan.

  1. How would the 63 year old desirous of retiring contrast with a 48 year old who would like to retire in 2 years?
  2. What are your recommendations for individuals considering investments in emerging markets like India? Are they less attractive now than they were before given their ability to transition to "the new normal" in a post Covid-19 world?
  3. Should one draw down ones 401-k after age 71 before tapping into other assets? Or should one only draw the minimum requirement after age 71?
  4. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and resulting recession, will the effects expand beyond the likely industries like retail say into banking and federal contraction? Should we brace for a depression similar to that of the early 1900s?
  5. Considering the mortgage rates dropping, is it a good time to buy a rental property or a home? Are there better ways to leverage your investments considering a long term (>10 years) time horizon?
  6. What steps can young professionals take to either start investing or build their financial portfolio in these times?