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Hospitalist Related Questions.


Hi Karthik. Dominic Sreshta . Batch of 84. Hospitalist / Geriatrician / Palliative / Addiction Specialist in Houston sir.

We get these recurring Qs from families

1. What are the long term post Covid effects of the virus -- has it yet been studied in rats or rabbits etc?? I understand there is suggestion without evidence in humans.

2. Does getting any of the other viruses eg Dengue , Influenza .. or ?? A benign virus in the CoronA Family of close one ... Cause immunity ??

3. After vaccination starts what's your guess on the community standard for antibody prevalence to the virus( in Community) -- 70 % , 80 % ,  or 90 % before this virus "" dies off"" ? Or does it ever ??

Thanks K.