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general questions


Just some general questions -

  1. in the past 3 months, US Mask usage has been between 65 and 70% and Mobility between -19% to -25% from normal. Yet cases and daily deaths are increasing.
  2. even with desired universal mask usage at 95% death rate is expected at ~1,100 per day which is current rate
  3. Rhode Island has best testing rate in the country at 1.3/1 M but among worst death rates at 1212
  4. Countries like Canada and  Japan do not do testing like the US (only if you have symptoms) and have a far lower test and infection rate. which approach is better?
  5. How do we explain low rates in south east and east asia vs. Europe, NA, South America
  6. India's numbers have been declining rapidly but seem to be plateauing. is there a possibility for another wave in the winter?